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About The Gerald H. Westby Foundation

Carrying on their brother's memory, Kate and Tryg share a committment to the values and charitable goals of the Gerald H. Westby Foundation.

Kate is a resident of Vero Beach, Florida. She  has owned several businesses and spends her time traveling and being the center of her close-knit family.

Tryg is a full-time Tulsa resident. He is also a retired professional super-bike racer and owned a high-performance motorcycle business for more than 25 years. He is currently the owner and manager of Westby Racing, LLC.


Pictured above are the current and past Co-Directors of the Gerald H. Westby Foundation.

From Left: John Trygve Westby (Tryg), Kathleen H. Westby (Kate). Also pictured (on right) is Gerald  H. Westby, Jr. (Gerry) (December 09, 1947 - July 21, 2012).

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