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The Gerald H. Westby Foundation Grants

Grant Guidelines

The Gerald H. Westby, Jr. Foundation primarily supports activities in the following areas:


  • Arts

  • Arts Education


The first step in applying to the Foundation is a short letter of inquiry. We review letters on a continuous basis, and they may be submitted at any time during the year.


Letters of inquiry should be no more than one page and should include the following:


  • A brief statement of the issues to be addressed, the history and goals of your organization, and your organization's involvement with these issues

  • A brief summary of the activities for which you are requesting support, including an outline of your objectives, and anticipated outcomes and implications

  • The approximate starting date and duration of the proposed activities

  • The total amount of funding needed, the amount requested from the Foundation, and information about other sources of support, both assured and requested.


All letters are first reviewed to determine if they fall within the Foundation's stated giving parameters. Those that do not are immediately declined. Letters that are within the Foundation's stated giving parameters are then reviewed to determine the following:


  • The priority of the proposed activity within the Foundation's parameters

  • The impact of the potential results of the activities

  • The availability of the Foundation's funds.


When a letter of inquiry reflects most closely the Foundation's program priorities, we may request a full proposal. Proposals should be submitted to the Foundation only upon request. You should not interpret such a request as an indication of likely support.


The Foundation's Grant Application can be obtained by contacting the Foundation office.


Often we will request additional information in writing from applicants. We will also consult with persons knowledgeable about the proposed activities and we welcome your suggestions as to who



might be qualified to assist us in our review of your proposal. Finally, we try to meet with applicants either at The Westby Office or at the project site.


Final decisions on proposals are made by the Foundation Trustees at periodic meetings. You will be informed of the Trustees' decision following the meeting at which your proposal is discussed. Your proposals must include a detailed budget of the use of funds, the individuals who will be involved in overseeing the expenditures, specific reporting procedures to the Foundation regarding the use of the funds and a final report regarding outcomes. If funds are not used in accordance with your purpose, the Foundation reserves the right to recover funds improperly used.


The Foundation makes grants only to tax-exempt organizations with 501 (c) (3) classifications from the Internal Revenue Service.

The Foundation will not consider requests for deficit financing, or loans and grants to individuals. The Foundation no longer provides scholarship or fellowship support to individuals. The Foundation does not make grants for research projects or give support to conferences, seminars, media events, or workshops unless they are an integral part of a broader program.

Please send letters of inquiry to:

John T. Westby, Kathleen H. Westby


Gerald H. Westby, Jr. Foundation

401 South Boston

Mid-Continent Tower, Suite 220

Tulsa, OK 74103

Decisions on grants are made on a semi-annual basis in June and December. Please submit requests by the 25th of May for consideration during the June Business Meeting, or the 25th of November for consideration during the December Business Meeting.

Additional Information


For personal contact on Foundation activities other than letters of inquiry or if you have any questions about the Foundation's programs, please feel free to call us. Inquiries about the Foundation's grant-making program or the status of letters of inquiry or proposals should be directed to:


John T. Westby, Kathleen H. Westby


Gerald H. Westby, Jr. Foundation

401 South Boston

Mid-Continent Tower, Suite 220

Tulsa, OK 74103-4068


Phone:            918-743-8321


Grant Guidelines

Grant Application

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